Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let´s go picnic!: Vichy Pattern.

The vichy pattern is spreading everywhere, specially in editorials. But I bet we´ll see it a lot this summer on the streets.
I´d like to have a dress like this and wear it with a perfecto jacket! Also a bikini and underwear would be great. A bag to go to the beach... (etc, etc, etc...)

Let´s sit down on the grass...

Sussie Bubble in Thestreetfashion5xpro

Fancy Treehouse

Playing Fashion March 2011 in Fashion Gone Rogue

Vogue Latin America March 2011 in Fashion Gone Rogue

Marie Claire Italia in Fashion Gone Rogue

Etam Lingerie 2011 collection

D&G Spring/Summer 2011

Chanel bikini resort 2011

In Carolines Mode


  1. never goes out...

  2. This is from August and I´m seeing it now again in september!! ;)