Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just different: Mustards.

In my case I´ve never liked this color... I mean, it´s not that I didn´t like it, it´s just that I´ve never tried it. Always black, grey, military green, white, a little bit of my red (I love it)... but mustard??? I always thought that I wasn´t going to look good on it.
Does it happen the same to you?
After looking all this pictures I´ve decided to try it and I´m going to look for it!

It´s autumn...

By Hanneli Mustaparta
Catherine Baba by Tommy Tom for
By Tommy Tom for
By Tommy Tom for
By Tommy Tom for
Streetstyle Aesthetic


  1. I'm new follower! Love your blog! I just featured you in my blog, come check it out!

  2. It's true, I never thought mustard would look THAT good!

  3. Yeah Anna, this pictures are proving it!!
    Rachael I follow you too, thanks for featuring me!! I loved it!